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President liu hong met with the board member of chengxi university

On the morning of June 14, President liu hong met with five members of the board of trustees of chengxi university. Leaders of international exchange and cooperation office, Japanese language institute, business school and software school attended the meeting.

Principal liu hong first of all welcomed the visit of the board of directors of ono yuan. During the meeting, President liu hong said that the major of Japanese language in our school has gone through a development process of 55 years since it was founded in 1964. By optimizing the talent training , implementing the teaching mode reform, widening the channel of the international exchanges and cooperation, establishing theSchool-enterprisesplatform alliance t o improve the quality of personnel training on the basis of strengthening the students' listening and speaking skills in Japanese, promoting students' manipulative ability of academic research levelandbroadeningtheir internationalized vision

At the same time for the future of the era of "big data + artificial intelligence" opportunities and challenges, on the basis of the existing "language + software" professionalfeatures, our school plan tobreak the barrier of the professional course settings, create research methods, through the crossing in the field of more professional areas, more cooperation,We may achievethe integration of the humanities and big data, artificial intelligence technology, the humanities and the breakthrough in computer science in mutual promotion andadapt to the new era demand at the same timetorealize human-machine cooperation and school comprehensive strength. PrincipalLiu hongpointed out thatshe hopesin the future on the basis of existing personnel training mode of cooperation, two schoolswill utilize advantages andfeatures to conduct high-level exchanges and cooperation, in teacher training, joint research, such as adapting to the needs of society with humanistic spirit, rational thinking and the vision of innovative talents, jointly contributing to the development of china-japan friendship.

Mr. Ono thanked President liu hong for her warm reception. He reviewed the fruitful cooperation and fruitful results in the fields of talent training and teacher exchange between the two schools over the years. He said that chengxi university and chengxi international university attach great importance to the international development and construction of the university and are always committed to cultivating talents with a global perspective. At present, the university enjoys close exchanges and cooperation with universities from all over the world, especially from many countries in central and eastern Europe. We hope to further deepen cooperation with ustc and carry out high-level joint training programs with postgraduate students as the main body. Language - based interdisciplinary research should be carried out at the teacher level. Through mutual learning and learning, the two sides will jointly promote the research and influence of the two sides in the economic, social and cultural fields and contribute to the promotion of cultural exchanges between Japan and China.

Liu hong, principal of the school, said the meeting brought new thinking direction for the future cooperation between the two schools. In the future,She hopes that the cooperation strength between Chengxi University and central and eastern European universities will combine the professional advantages of central and eastern European languages in our school and with the help of the Chinese "area" construction and liaoning economic and trade cooperation platform, "17 + 1" to develop china-japan cooperation and joint research and education of central and eastern European nations and create a new situation of the east Asian and the east European education exchanges and cooperation.

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