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Professor prize kania adriana of jacellon university gives lectures to students of the English department

On April 11, prize kania adriana, assistant professor of the polish department of foreign languages at the university of jaegeron, presented a lecture on "how language works in our brains: a study of language processing from a neurobiological perspective" at the English institute and the Irish center.

Professor prize kania adriana is deputy director of the global polish language and culture center, a researcher and lecturer in the international program (SpeakApps, DigiPass, ZintegrUJ), a member of the national certificate examination board for the polish as a foreign language, and a language therapist. He has published many papers in the field of language education. Her research interests include language teaching based on the human brain and speech therapy for bilingual and multilingual patients.

In this lecture, professor prize kania adriana brings us the latest research achievements in the field of psycholinguistics, neurobiology, and speech-language pathology: the unilateral pattern in language acquisition. For example, partial dominance and related preference selection -- processing language materials with the right brain or the left brain plays a key role in language acquisition.

This lecture points out the primary difficulty that the right brain faces when it dominates language function, and suggests that appropriate teaching techniques and methods selected to solve this problem, so as to provide reference for the development of language teaching projects. (Tang Mengshi)

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