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A delegation from the university of western Sydney, Australia visited our university

On the afternoon of March 20, secretary LiuXiming and PresidentLiuHong met respectively with visiting professor Peter Scott, chairman of the board of trustees of the university of western Sydney, Australia and President professorGabbaney. Vice PresidentJiangFengchunand heads fromdepartment of international exchange and cooperation, school of advanced translation, school of cultural communication, business school and other related departments also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, President liu welcomed the guests coming from afar and introduced in detail the internationalised education concept of our school and the basicsettings of translation, business, journalism and media. She said that the development of higher education is at a turning point, how to promote the fair development of higher education and international development has gradually become the focus of education development.

In this process, our school looks forward to seeking international cooperation with more foreign colleges and universities, exchanging withthem, and jointly promoting the cultivation of international talents. Starting from 2018, the two universities haveactively explored in aspects of short-term exchange programs,translation and business studies, 3+1+1 master's degree and 1+1 master's degree joint training programs, which wouldnot only help expand students' international vision and thinking, but also promote the integration of Chinese and foreign educational resources.

In addition, President Liu introduced that the Chinese language training system for international students in our school is perfect, which can meet the learning needs of all stages from undergraduate to doctoral degree, and continuously improve the learning and living environment for international students. Students from western Sydney University are welcome to experience the charm of Chinese culture in our school.

It is hoped that the President's visit can further explore more diversified exchange programs with the University ofWestern Sydney, Australia, establish overseas practice base of translation major, and jointly establish research fund to promote academic discussion between scholars of the two universities.

Professor Gaffney expressed his gratitude to our school for its warm reception. The University of Western Sydney, founded in 1989 with the mission of "focusing on research and focusing on students," has grown rapidly over the past 30 years, especially in the humanities and social sciences, he said.

It has a long history in the development of the translation profession and strong teaching staff. Its translation research level is in the leading position in Australia, especially in the field of subtitle translation with international influence. In addition, the school adopts the pioneering "co-creation" teaching mode to provide students with a rich learning experience and actively promote students' creativity.

ProfessorGebenny suggest the cooperation of our school is quite interested in, hope that through this visit, you can continue to explore more forms of the learned to recognize the growth of short-term exchange exchange program, at the same time to carry out the two schools teachers two-way communication projects, so as to promote international exchanges, promote the school to learn each other in terms of teaching, scientific research, contribute to further deepen the cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Subsequently, secretaryLiuXiming met with the guests. First of all, secretary liu said that when he visited the University of Western Sydney last year, he was deeply impressed by its advanced teaching facilities and educationalconcept. He hoped that through the visit of the President and his delegation,they could have a deeper understanding of relevant majors of our school. Through face-to-face communication with our teachers and students, our teachers and students can also deepen their understanding of the University of Western Sydney.

He proposed that according to the time difference between Chinese and Australian semesters, Australian professors could give lectures in our school during their holidays and communicate with our professional scientific research team to realize "two-way" teacher communication. At the same time, we also welcome Australian students to our school for exchange visit to realize "two-way" student exchange.

Prof Gaffney said there were many similarities between the University of Western Sydney and Dalian university of Foreign Languages, both of which are relatively young, dynamic and innovative.We may establish partnerships in translation, business and journalism. He expressed the hope that he could send Australian students to our school for long-term and short-term exchange and study after learning about the major of Chinese language and other related majors.

After the talks, the school and the University of Western Sydney discussed the details of the cooperation project. (XinranHu)

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Founded in 1989, the University of Western Sydney has a leading intelligent classroom with software and hardware facilities in Australia, and adopts the pioneering "collaborative creation" teaching mode to provide students with rich learning experience and actively enhance their creativity. The university is one of the universities in Australia with a bachelor's degree in translation. With a long professional history and abundant teachers, it is the testing site for the NATTI (the only translation professional certification body in Australia).

Levels of translation study in Australia's leading position, especially in the field of subtitle translation has international influence, some scholars served as director of Australia's national television subtitles translation, has 20 years of radix stemonae subtitle translation experience, "on the tip of the tongue of China" and "if you are the one" and so on subtitles translation a household name in Australia, made a positive contribution to spread the Chinese culture overseas.

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