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Ambassador’s Visit to Photo Exhibition

On March 4th (L.T.), Li Nianping, the newly appointed Chinese ambassador to Colombia was invited to visit the Confucius Institute in Medellin and the photo exhibition entitled “China, the Beautiful” together with cultural counsellorsof theembassy.




With the company of heads of the Confucius Institute, Li and his colleagues visited the photo exhibition, which introduced various aspects of modern China to the Colombians. The photo exhibition showed the development of a harmonious society and the image of young Chinese students, deepening the Colombian youth’s understanding of China.

The visitors went the EAFIT and had lunch with Juan Luis Mejía, the president of the university. They had a very friendly conversation on economic and cultural development of Latin America and the academic exchange between China and Colombia.

The Ambassador also went to see the teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute in Medellin and spoke highly of their dedication to the popularization of Chinese culture and language.

The photos at the exhibition were all provided by the Chinese Embassy in Colombia and the “2016 Spring Festival Celebration” ended perfectly with the photo exhibition.

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