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Work Meeting held on International Exchange Programs

A work meeting on international exchange programs presided by Liu Hong, vice president of DUFL, was held on May 11th. Heads of international exchange office and schools and departments concerned attended the meeting.

Status quo of international exchange programs during 2012-2014 were initially presented and evaluated by head of International Exchange Office and hailed by participants. Within the last three years, DUFL had sent 2347 students to study in different countries and enrolled a total of 558 international students.

A heated discussion on the draft of Regulations of Exchange Students and International Students and other issues related to international exchange followed.

Liu attentively listened to the opinions and suggestions raised at the meeting and made the final remarks that related schools and departments should improve cooperation on international exchange programs as well as capacity of student superintendence and curricula making. She urged that faculty should consummate the management system as soon as possible.

The work meeting was expected to be the guideline on future development of international exchange of DUFL.

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