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Kungfu Festival held in Armenia

A “Chinese Kungfu Festival” was held in Dynamo Stadium, the largest of its kind in Yerevan, on April 25-26, co-organized by DUFL Brjusov Confucius Institute in Armenia and Armenian Association of Traditional Martial Arts. The event aimed to deepen the communication and cooperation between China and other Asian countries. Kungfu delegations from several other Asian countries, such as that of Armenia, were present at the festival.

The annual “Kungfu Festival” is one of the most influential cultural events in Armenia. To mark “The Centennial of Massacre”, Armenian Government themes the event “Peace” this year.

The Kungfu show at the opening was based on an Armenian epic. With their performance, the players from different countries told the audience a story about war and peace between ancient Urartu and Assyria, perfectly interpreting the peace-loving spirit of traditional Chinese Kungfu. The performance, the story and the spirit were all highly appreciated by the audience, still immersed in the event after several encores. The festival was then reported by media, including Armenian National Television.

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