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The European Language Institute held the 2023 Study Abroad Exchange meeting in Pingan

On the morning of July 7, the European Language Institute 2023 Safe Study Abroad Exchange was held in Room 8B418 in the form of a combination of online and offline. Li Ni, President of the European Language Institute, Luan Hua, Secretary of the General Party Branch, Yang Hong, Spanish teacher with working experience in the Chinese Embassy in Mexico and the Spanish Embassy, Xin Yu, Zhou Yufan, teaching secretary, teachers in charge of studying abroad in various languages and all undergraduate and graduate students studying abroad in the second half of 2023 attended the meeting. The exchange meeting was presided over by Sun Sheng, a specialist in student exchange work.

First of all, Secretary Luan Hua put forward four expectations to the students: I hope students' life abroad is safe and healthy; I hope the students will cherish the opportunity to study abroad and achieve success. I hope that the students will not forget the original intention, remember the patriotic duty, and show a good quality and image outside; I hope students can be cool-headed outside, and timely communicate with parents and teachers when they encounter problems.

Then, Dean Li Ni gave some advice for the students who are going to study abroad. She advised students to prepare appropriate materials and communicate with teachers and classmates while respecting each other's folk culture and way of life.

At the end of the meeting, the teaching secretary Xin Yu and Zhou Yufan respectively explained and gave suggestions on the credit transfer and internship problems concerned by the students to ensure that the students successfully completed their studies.

This year's overseas students participated in the inter-school exchange program, the China Scholarship Council program and the Spanish (Sino-Foreign Cooperation) Summer Camp program. The "Safe Study Abroad Meeting" held regularly by the College every year implements the concept" safe study abroad, healthy study abroad, civilized study abroad and successful study abroad" of the Ministry of Education, and plays an important role in improving students' awareness of self-protection, safety prevention and patriotic responsibility overseas. (Sun Province)

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