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The European Language Institute held the annual summary meeting of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects

On the morning of July 12, the 2022-2023 academic year summary meeting of the European Language Institute Spanish (Sino-Foreign Cooperative education) project was held in the party member activity room on the 6th floor of the Zhili Building in the form of a combination of online and offline. Li Ni, President of the European Language Institute, Luan Hua, Secretary of the General Party Branch, Sun Ao, Kang Chengyu, Director of the Spanish Teaching and Research Section and all administrative staff attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dean Li Ni.

Dean Li Ni briefed on the use of funds of the Sino-foreign cooperative education project, and comprehensively summarized the education and teaching work of the project this year, including the project start-up, personnel training program, curriculum settings, and the first period of foreign teaching. At the same time, the work focus of the next year will be deployed in combination with the division of teaching and research. Based on this year's experience, the language teaching team will explore different class teaching modes and try to adjust the teaching plan and teaching methods.

Secretary Luan Hua combined with the characteristics of the students in the Sino-foreign cooperative school program, summarized the party building work and student work of the project this year, focused on the work of students' career planning and guidance and the education and training of party membership activists, and put forward specific party building plans and arrangements for the New Year. It is expected that the team can make some achievements in the cultivation of "Party building + Ideological and political course" and "Party Building + Ideological and Political brand education Project"

The European Language Institute attaches great importance to the Spanish (Chinese-foreign cooperation) program. Since its inception in 2021, the program has been fully implemented and equipped with a strong team of professional teachers and management personnel, all of whom have studied abroad with economics background. The professional teachers have a solid language foundation from the three dimensions of "classroom teaching + featured workshops + extracurricular supervision". Using the three-level supervision mode of "Dean + teacher + supervisor", the counselor tailor-made career planning for the students, clarified the employment development goals, and promoted the implementation of the project in an all-round way.

The annual summary mechanism has been established, and the annual summary meeting is held every year to summarize the annual work, deploy the next annual plan, implement the fundamental task of establishing virtues and cultivating people, and improve the quality of project personnel training. This year, in addition to completing all the teaching tasks of the project, the school opened a special workshop on international business. With the active cooperation of teachers and students, the first class of foreign international business was successfully completed. In the next step, the College will further improve and promote the work of the project, continue to strengthen the construction of the teaching style and study style, run a good project that the people are satisfied with, provide students with a better learning environment and opportunities, and promote the all-round development of students. (Zhou Yufan)

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