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Our school held the opening ceremony of the 2023 summer training for state-sponsored overseas students

On the morning of July 17, the opening ceremony of the 2023 National government-sponsored Summer Training for overseas students, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council and undertaken by the Training Department of overseas Students of our University, was held in the lecture hall of the Library. Vice President Liu Fengguang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech. More than 80 students from universities and related departments of our university attended the opening ceremony.

Vice President Liu Fengguang, on behalf of the school, extended a warm welcome to all the students who participated in the summer training, and introduced the development history of the training Department for overseas students of our school and the significance of this summer training. She pointed out that our school will rely on the discipline advantages of the Russian national demonstration major, excellent teaching team, reasonable course design, rich and practical country lectures, and efficiently complete the training task. She hoped that all the students would cherish the learning opportunity, cultivate their excellent skills, improve their comprehensive quality, and actively devote themselves to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation after they return to China.

Wang Gang, deputy dean of the Russian School, welcomed the students as a representative of the teachers. He hoped that the students would study hard to improve their language ability, expand their knowledge, master the language and culture of the target country, and truly become compound talents who master both language skills and professional knowledge.

Zhao Shiyan of Liaoning Technical University spoke as a representative of the students, she said that as a young student sponsored by the state, she felt a heavy responsibility. She hoped that all the students would show the image of Chinese youth in the new era to the world, let the world understand the new China, and make contributions to the future Chinese-style modernization.

This year is the eighth year that our school has been entrusted by the China Scholarship Council to undertake summer training. In order to ensure the efficient and smooth conduct of the training work, under the high attention of the school leaders, the Training Department of students studying abroad of our university will take the initiative to meet the national strategic needs according to the training requirements of the National Scholarship Council, carefully design and carefully arrange, and complete the national training task of cultivating high-level international composite talents with "professional" + "foreign language" before going abroad. (Prince's admiration)

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