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President Liu Hong met with a delegation of educators from the Sicily region of Italy

On the morning of July 22, Alessandro Tosco, the Italian director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Enna "Corre" in Italy, and Wang Qin, the Chinese director, led a delegation of educators from Sicily Region of Italy to visit our university. President Liu Hong met with all the members of the delegation in Chengzhi Building.

Luciano Sambataro, Principal of the National School of Tourism and Tourism at Rocochinich, Italy, and Silvana Castagna, teacher of the National High School of Language and Technology at Abramo Lincoln Silvana, Diana Di Salvo, head of the International Exchange and Foreign Language program at the National Pietro Piazza Hotel and Catering School, Maria Ceraolo, a teacher at the Borges Flanda Institute of Higher Education, As well as the Confucius Institute Office of our university, the European Language Institute and other relevant departments responsible for the meeting were also present.

President Liu Hong welcomed the visit of the delegation and expressed her gratitude to Enna "Kore" University and other schools in Sicily for their support to the work of Confucius Institutes in our University. She pointed out that since the establishment of the Confucius Institute at the University of Enna "Kore", various teaching and cultural activities have achieved many successes, becoming an important platform for educational cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Italy, and the University and educational institutions in Sicily have also become close partners due to the connection of the Confucius Institute.

In recent years, the two sides have conducted fruitful cooperation in personnel training, academic research, and exchanges between teachers and students. As an important academic achievement of the Confucius Institute in Italy, Luo Yiwen's translation of the Mean not only enhanced the dialogue between the ancient Roman civilization and the Eastern civilization, but also promoted the foreign translation and international dissemination of Chinese classics. In the future, China will continue to expand cooperation and exchange areas, train more versatile talents, and promote cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Italy.

This visit is the first Confucius Institute delegation received by the university after the COVID-19 epidemic, and is one of the important activities of the "International Exchange Year" of the university. In the future, the University will continue to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of Confucius Institutes in the new era, contribute to the internationalization strategy of the University, and play a more important role in promoting and maintaining exchanges and mutual learning between China and other countries, and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people of other countries. (Jiangnan)

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