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Our school held the preparatory work promotion meeting for the 60th anniversary

In order to effectively advance the preparatory work for the 60th anniversary of the school, on the morning of July 24, the school held the preparatory work promotion meeting for the 60th anniversary of the school in Conference Room 601, Chengzhi Building. Party Secretary Wang Weichen, President Liu Hong, Deputy Party Secretary Cong Mingcai, Vice President Liu Fengguang, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Zhang Jiao, as well as the person in charge of the special working group on the university's celebration and the party and government leaders of the secondary colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Cong Mingcai, deputy secretary of the Party Committee.

At the meeting, the person from the University's celebration Work office interpreted the Work Plan for the 60th anniversary of the founding of Dalian University of Foreign Languages and the specific division of tasks. Nine special working groups, including the academic activities group, the publicity group, the staff activities group, the student activities group, the international exchange group, the alumni activities group, the campus culture group, the fund raising group, and the security material guarantee group, and the leaders of the "seven series projects" exchanged reports on the progress of the work.

President Liu Hong carefully listened to the reports of various special working groups, and fully affirmed everyone's thinking and planning of the school's celebration work in the early stage. Provincial Department of Education Director Wang Qingdong, deputy director Gao Xianghui and Luo Wenbo, have repeatedly affirmed the school's achievements and put forward the next step of work requirements. Finally, Wang Weichen, secretary of the Party Committee, stressed that the 60th anniversary is an important milestone in the history of the reform of our school, and is also a common festival for all teachers, students and alumni at home and abroad.

Holding the 60th anniversary of the founding of the university is an important opportunity to review the history of running a school, display the achievements of running a school, and highlight the connotation of running a school. It is an important carrier to gather people's hearts, establish an image outside, enhance the visibility and influence of the school, and an important starting point to gather the strength of alumni, win support from all walks of life, and expand school resources. I hope the whole school attaches great importance to it and actively participates in it. Innovative thinking, for practical results, through the school celebration to show the university's responsibility and achievements in building an education power, in serving the national diplomatic strategy and Liaoning's mission and style of opening up to the outside world, with excellent results in the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning in the new breakthrough three-year action to make due contributions to the university! (Yang Hui)

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