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Our school won the "Excellent Organization Award" of the First National 2023 Eban Job Search Coaching Course Learning Competition

In order to further study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20th CPC national congress, fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and The State Council on the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, and strive to improve the awareness and ability of employment and entrepreneurship of college students, the Ministry of Education "e-class network" carried out the first e-class job search counseling course learning contest in 2023 from March 1st to May 31st.

This activity was carried out on the two platforms of "eban You Class" and "Cha Cha Recruitment". 142 colleges and universities from 21 provinces across the country registered for the competition, with a total of 473,000 college students participating in learning activities and a total of 1.01 million teaching activities. On June 1, the results of the competition were announced, and our school won the "Excellent Organization Award".

Since the launch of the competition, our school has attached great importance to it, carefully prepared, and actively organized this activity as a concrete measure to strengthen the construction of learning style and promote curriculum education. For this activity, the school's class Change Development Center and the Enrollment and Employment Office produced rich content and diverse forms of class group courses, covering career planning, resume production and delivery, interview skills, industry development, data summary and other aspects, which greatly stimulated students' enthusiasm for learning and achieved obvious educational results. A total of 6112 people participated in the activity.

For a long time, our school has adhered to the fundamental task of cultivating morality and educating people, and has taken the construction of the Eban platform as an important starting point for carrying out online ideological and political education. In the next step, our school will continue to strengthen the linkage, integrate educational resources, achieve the same frequency resonance of ideological and political work both online and offline, build a long-term mechanism of excellent learning style, and create a positive campus atmosphere. (Wang Binsheng)

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