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Three courses of our school selected as the second batch of national first-class undergraduate courses

Recently, the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education announced the Notice of the Ministry of Education on the Announcement of the Results of the Second Batch of National First-class Undergraduate Courses (Jiaogao Letter [2023] No. 7), which identified 5750 courses as the second batch of national first-class undergraduate courses. A total of 3 courses in our school have been selected, including 1 online and offline hybrid first-class course and 2 offline first-class courses. Up to now, our school has a total of 5 courses selected as national first-class undergraduate courses.

The list of the second batch of national first-class   undergraduate courses of Dalian University of Foreign Languages


Course name

Course leader

Course type



Korean culture

Zhang Guoqiang

Blended online and offline first-class courses

Korean Language Institute


Cross-cultural communication

Lv Chunmei

Offline first-class courses

College of English


Basis of Chinese translation to Japan

Yu Fei

Offline first-class courses

Japanese language institute

Curriculum is the core element of talent training, and the quality of curriculum directly determines the quality of talent training. Our school attaches great importance to the construction of first-class courses and has issued the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Courses of Dalian University of Foreign Languages" to carry out the construction of first-class undergraduate courses in an all-round way, vigorously promote the innovation of curriculum system and knowledge system, constantly improve teachers' teaching ability, and improve and perfect the incentive mechanism for the construction of first-class courses.

The University will give full play to the exemplary and leading role of first-class undergraduate courses, continue to deepen curriculum reform, strengthen curriculum education, vigorously strengthen the construction of high-quality curriculum resources, promote the deep integration of information technology and curriculum construction, effectively improve the content level of curriculum, and comprehensively improve the level of curriculum construction and talent training quality of our university. (Chi Shuang Liu Yizhang)

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