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Our international students participated in the “Experience Dalian” activity

On April 28th, the "Perception of Dalian" activity for international students was successfully held, which was sponsored by Dalian Foreign Affairs Office and co-organized by Dalian University Education Management Association for Foreign Students. Our school and nearly 100 international students from Dalian University of Technology, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Liaoning Normal University and other universities were invited to participate in the event.

During the event, international students from more than 30 countries including Russia, Italy, Algeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Japan and South Korea visited Dalian International Conference Center, East port oriental water city and Russian style street. A multilingual guide guided the students around and explained the street scenes in detail.

The first stop is Dalian International Convention Center. As the main venue of the Davos Forum, the various facilities of the Conference Center were praised by the students. Some students expressed their hope that they could become volunteers of the Davos Forum.

Walking to east port east water city, the students were attracted by the beautiful coastal scenery of Dalian. Flowers are in full blossom along the beach wooden plank road. The European-style buildings along the river in the eastern water city of east port attract visitors to stop and take pictures. Mattia, an Italian student from our school, said that the students all like Oriental Water City very much. The scenery is like a European city, and the feeling is very intimate. We also made friends with foreign students from other universities and were very happy to have this opportunity to visit Dalian.

The last stop is the Russian style street, which is located in the northwest of the Victory Bridge, is the first Russian style street in the 19th and 20th centuries. Irina from Russia shared her feelings: "Dalian has a long history, Russian style street is one of the characteristics of Dalian street scene, in the eyes of Russians, these Russian-style buildings have a sense of home atmosphere. Even if we come to Dalian far away from home, we won't feel strange."

This activity allows international students to go into the depths of the city and understand the real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China. While visiting the scenic spots, the students also learned about the diverse cultures and felt the unique charm of Dalian. The students said that they gained a lot from this activity and hoped to learn more about China and Chinese culture, so as to accumulate strength for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. (Liu Ying Gao Tian)

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