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Vice president Chang Junyue met with the First Vice president Ivanchenko of Shenzhen Beili Moscow University

On May 9th, Vice president Chang Junyue met with the First Vice president Ivanchenko of Shenzhen Beishli Moscow University. Officials from the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, the Graduate School and the Russian Language School attended the meeting.

Vice President Chang Junyue first extended welcome to Vice President Ivanchenko and his delegation. He introduced to the guests the history of our school, the setting of disciplines, the construction of teaching staff, the cultivation of talents and the characteristics of international education. He also introduced in detail the international exchanges and cooperation between our school and Russian universities, the teaching staff of Russian major and the training mode of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral talents. He said that as a Sino-foreign cooperative university, Shenzhen Beili Moscow University has distinct characteristics and unique advantages in the cultivation of international high-level talents.

He hoped that the two universities could carry out cooperation in the aspects of personnel training, scientific research, and exchanges between teachers and students in the future, and jointly explore a new mode of personnel training. To cultivate high-level international interdisciplinary talents with a good understanding of international rules, high level of foreign language ability and excellent professional skills.

Vice president Ivanchenko thanked Vice president Chang Junyue for his reception during his busy schedule. He introduced the characteristics of Shenzhen Beili Moscow University, personnel training, disciplines, teaching staff and scientific research. He said that Shenzhen Beimo University aims to build itself into a world-class international comprehensive research university, training high-quality innovative talents who have a good understanding of Chinese and Russian culture, Chinese and Russian English and proficient in their major. He expressed that the University has profound strength and rich experience in the cultivation of high-level versatile foreign language talents and hoped that the two universities would strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the future in foreign language teaching and talent training.

Lejenev, director of the Russian Department of the Department of Languages at Beili Moscow University in Shenzhen, put forward specific suggestions on Russian teaching and scientific research cooperation. He proposed that the two universities set up a working group of Chinese and Russian teachers, and regularly carry out seminars and field trips in the direction of Russian teaching and research.

After the meeting, Vice president Ivanchenko and his delegation visited the library and Russian Language Center, and held lectures and discussions with teachers and students of the Russian Language School. (Zhang Yawen)

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