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Our university signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Liaoning Council for the Promotion of International Trade

On the morning of May 11th, the third "Investment Liaoning" Conference was held in Dalian. Party Secretary Wang Weichen attended the meeting and signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Liaoning Council for the Promotion of International Trade on behalf of our school. The two sides will carry out "university cooperation" in various aspects to jointly serve the economic development of Liaoning and contribute to the new three-year comprehensive revitalization action of Liaoning.

Liaoning Council for the Promotion of International Trade, founded in 1963, is a provincial non-governmental foreign economic and trade organization. With the purpose of promoting international trade, promoting the utilization of foreign capital, promoting enterprises' international operation, promoting economic and technological cooperation, serving enterprises, government and society, it has developed into the largest foreign economic and trade organization in Liaoning Province. It is an important force for Liaoning Province to carry out foreign exchanges and develop foreign economy and trade, and an important assistant for government departments to carry out foreign economic and trade activities.

Over the years, our school has always adhered to the talent training closely with the destiny of the country and the nation, taking the service of local economic development as its own responsibility, adjusting the school positioning and objectives with times, improving the quality of talent training and school strength, and focusing on the construction of language and professional groups in Northeast Asian countries, with distinctive characteristics of internationalization. It has made outstanding contributions to serving national strategies and local economic and social development

According to the strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, the two sides will follow the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development", and make full use of the university's national and regional research advantages and multilingual talent training advantages by relying on the Northeast Asian Language Research Center, Northeast Asian Research Institute, International Communication Research Institute, Regional and Country Research Institute, Northeast Cultural Research Center and other think tank platforms. We will carry out in-depth cooperation in such fields as building platforms for international exchanges and cooperation, establishing platforms for university-enterprise cooperation, jointly carrying out personnel training, and providing comprehensive services for economic and trade activities.

In the future, the two sides will integrate superior resources, continue to explore new modes and mechanisms of multi-field and deep-level cooperation and exchange, carry out various forms of cooperation in foreign exchanges, economic and trade exchanges and other fields, jointly build practice teaching bases and talent training bases, carry out new liberal arts talent training and integration of industry and education, and build professional practice platforms. It will continuously improve its comprehensive competitiveness and social influence in its respective fields, and provide good services for Liaoning Province to better integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction and build a new frontier of opening-up in Liaoning Province. (Qu Yuecheng)

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