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College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship held a mobilization meeting for undergraduate education, teaching audit, evaluation and learning publicity

March 30th, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship undergraduate education teaching Audit evaluation learning publicity mobilization meeting was held online. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Li Shaohua, attended by President Wang Ke and all faculty and staff of the College.

At the meeting, Li Shaohua first introduced the significance and new changes of the new round of audit and evaluation to the teachers, especially emphasizing the undergraduate teaching audit and evaluation and undergraduate education teaching audit and evaluation, not only the change of two words, but also the enrichment of connotation and extension of the expansion, the purpose is to guide the construction of the "three integrity education" pattern, the implementation of the fundamental task of educating people.

He led all the faculty and staff to study the Undergraduate Education and Teaching Audit and Evaluation Work Plan of Dalian University of Foreign Languages in depth, read out the Notice on the Establishment of the Evaluation Working Group of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and then made a detailed interpretation of the audit and evaluation work plan of the School from four aspects, including guiding ideology, work objectives, schedule and work requirements. The main content and division of work of college audit and evaluation are clarified.

In his concluding speech, President Wang Ke pointed out that the audit and evaluation is the key task of the school in the past two years. The faculty and staff of the school should improve their political position according to the unified deployment of the audit and evaluation leading group of the school, and according to the requirements of the phased tasks of the evaluation, reasonable division of labor, strengthen implementation, overcome difficulties, promote orderly, and ensure the smooth implementation of the audit and evaluation work.

It is believed that the team of the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is capable of fighting and winning, will successfully complete all tasks of undergraduate education and teaching audit and evaluation, and promote the high-quality development of the college with high-level evaluation work. (Yang Li)

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