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Our school participated in the Argentina special activity of Dalian University Foreign Students Recruitment Promotion Meeting

Recently, our university, together with four other universities in Dalian, participated in the Argentina special activity of the Foreign Students Enrollment Promotion Meeting held by the Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian municipal government.

The meeting was attended by more than 200 people from the municipalities of Santa Fe, Blanca, Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, as well as representatives from 15 Argentine universities and 6 Argentine business associations.

In the promotion of colleges and universities, Chen Zijiao, the dean of Han College, and Xue Huiwen, the director of the International Student Enrollment Office, respectively explained the general situation of our school, the education situation of overseas students in China, the enrollment policy, the scholarship application, the school conditions and other related information in detail, showing our school's international school-running characteristics and strength.

Xing Xing, a Colombian postgraduate, shared her experience of studying abroad in fluent Chinese. Our Spanish teacher provides online simultaneous interpretation support. After the presentation, students from many universities expressed their intention to study abroad.

The Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian municipal government has made full use of its advantages in foreign affairs resources to build a good platform for foreign publicity and communication for all colleges and universities. Our school took advantage of the opportunity to fully demonstrate and publicize the brand of "Overseas Study University". Under the framework of cooperation between the city and the university, our university will continue to explore the enrollment market in South America and expand the enrollment channels for overseas students in China. (Xue Huiwen Pottery)

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