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The students of our school made a breakthrough in the 11th National Interpretation Competition

Liu Xinyang, an undergraduate student majoring in translation from the College of Translation and Interpretation in Grade 2020, advanced to the final of the simultaneous interpretation competition and won the second prize in the final, which broke the record of our school in the national Simultaneous interpretation (English) competition and made a breakthrough.

The 11th National Interpretation Competition is divided into two sections: simultaneous interpretation and alternate interpretation. Among them, 16 players ranked top 10% in the simultaneous interpretation promotion unit will participate in the national finals. Liu Xinyang competed with other qualified contestants from Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, Middlebury College Monterey Institute of International Studies and Newcastle University, etc., and was recognized by expert judges for her outstanding performance. In the end, she won the second prize with the 12th place, which is also the best result our school has achieved in the English simultaneous interpretation competition.

Before that, in July 2022, in the fourth multilingual relay competition of Shanghai International Studies University, Liu Xinyang, who was just a sophomore, participated in the final as the only qualified player in the English group of our university, competing with postgraduate interpreters from universities at home and abroad. After entering the junior year, Liu Xinyang continued to maintain the enthusiasm of interpretation to strengthen daily practice, in the national interpretation competition all the way through, won the honour for our school again.

Excellent results cannot be achieved without the careful guidance of teachers. Fang Ju, the instructor of the Simultaneous interpretation Club of the College, pays attention to the practice of students' simultaneous interpretation in daily life, cultivating their good basic interpreting skills, and helping them increase the relevant background knowledge. She also gives one-to-one tutoring to the contestants before the competition, which makes them fully prepared for the competition and lays a good foundation for excellent results.

The National Interpretation Competition is one of the most valuable and largest interpretation competitions in China. It aims to promote the construction of the translation discipline and the prosperity and development of the language service industry, cultivate high-quality language service talents, and better serve the overall development of the country and the construction of international communication capacity.

Our school has always attached great importance to professional practice, encouraging and supporting students to participate in various professional competitions, promoting learning and teaching through competition, and dedicating itself to cultivating compound, international and applied foreign language talents. (Fang Ju and Liu Xinyang)

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