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The Ministry of Education Liaoning Overseas Examination Seminar was held in our school

On the morning of March 10th, the Liaoning Overseas Examination Seminar was held in Zhongshan Campus of our university. This seminar is hosted by the Education Examination Institute of the Ministry of Education and hosted by the Examination Center of our school. Leaders of eight examination centers in Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University, Liaoning University, Liaoning Normal University and other 8 examination centers in the province and the supervisors of various examination projects of the Education Examination Institute attended the meeting. Director Li Tong of the Education Examination Institute presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the examination centers reviewed the opening of the examination in the past three years. Since 2020, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic has had a great impact on overseas examinations, and the implementation of examinations has also increased the difficulty, and many overseas examinations have been unable to be held normally. All test centers are also actively studying the feasibility of holding offline examinations under the epidemic situation, and ensuring that all overseas examinations can be "exhausted" under the premise of ensuring the life and health of teachers and students on campus.

Director Li Tong fully affirmed the efforts made by all test centers in Liaoning under the requirements of the local government and the overall epidemic prevention and control of the school under the complex and changeable situation of the epidemic situation, especially the examination center of our school is the earliest test center to resume the examination and the most frequently held under the premise of complying with the epidemic prevention requirements of the local government.

After the release of the "Category B and B Management Overall Plan" of the Health Commission, overseas examinations across the country are rapidly resuming. Director Li Tong pointed out that in the next step, each examination center should focus on examination management and service, continuously improve service level and service quality, and build a team that can fight a tough battle and have excellent strength, and become a solid force to better serve studying abroad. (Li Wanling)

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