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Our school held the 2022 College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition

In order to show the demeanor of Dawai students, create a strong campus atmosphere for teachers and students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship together, and show the outstanding achievements of our university in deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education since the "14th Five-Year Plan", at noon on March 16, the 2022 College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition hosted by the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and co-organized by the library kicked off in the lobby on the first floor of the library. Vice President Chang Junyue, nearly 100 people, including the Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee, the heads of secondary colleges, and representatives of teachers and students, attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, the guests presented honorary certificates to the gold, silver and bronze award project team, excellent instructors, and excellent organizational units of the 2022 "Internet +" Provincial Competition.

This exhibition has a total of 18 exhibition panels, which comprehensively display the gratifying achievements made by our teachers and students in innovation and entrepreneurship in the past year. During the visit, Vice President Chang Junyue stopped in front of each exhibition board to watch, and conducted detailed inquiries with the heads and teachers of each college, so as to take the pulse of the next development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in each college.

After the visit, Vice President Chang Junyue pointed out that the teachers and students of the whole school should take the successful holding of this innovation and entrepreneurship achievement exhibition as an opportunity to set sail again, and establish a collaborative linkage mechanism between functional departments, second-level colleges and innovation and entrepreneurship colleges, give full play to the advantages of their respective professional disciplines, break professional barriers, cross-integration, and promote the high-quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in our university.

He also stressed that in 2023, we should continue to hold the "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, do a good job in the Youth Red Dream Building Tour, promote the sustainable development and landing of excellent projects, and strive to stimulate and cultivate college students' innovation awareness and entrepreneurial spirit, and enhance innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities. (Li Shaohua)

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