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President Liu Hong attended the first SCO Heads of State Agricultural Universities Forum

On December 12th, the first SCO Presidents' Forum of National Agricultural Universities and Forum on Technological Innovation and Development was held at Northwest A & F University in Yangling, Shaanxi province, both online and offline. With the theme of "SCO Cooperation in Agricultural Education and Science and Technology: Opportunities and Challenges", more than 20 presidents of agricultural universities and heads of scientific research institutions from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and other SCO countries attended the forum. Prof. Liu Hong, President of our University, Member of the SCO Chinese Coordinating Committee and Chairman of the Committee of Presidents of Chinese Project Institutions, was invited to attend and addressed the meeting.

He Ling, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yangling Demonstration Zone, Professor Liu Hong, President of the University, Head of the International School Office of the SCO University, Russian Chairman of the Permanent Working Group of Experts on Education of the SCO Member States, and Vice President of the Friendship University of the Russian People Larissa Efremova addressed at the opening ceremony.

Professor Larissa Yeveremova said that the SCO is one of the largest educational programs in the world and an important platform for multilateral cooperation in the field of education. A meeting of the SCO Permanent Working Group of Experts will be held next year to further discuss the expansion of the university's membership and expertise, so as to make outstanding contributions to the cultivation of high-level international talents.

Professor Liu Hong, President of our University, pointed out that the SCO University is an innovative form of cooperation in the field of education between China and the SCO member states, a model for the internationalization of higher education in the world, and has made outstanding contributions to the SCO's cultivation of high-level international talents for promoting international cooperation in the future. We believe that the excellent experience and achievements of the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation will serve as a positive example for the agricultural universities of the SCO countries.

President Liu Hong was invited to attend this meeting, which will play a positive role in promoting the planning and development of the future expansion of the membership and specialties of the SCO University. she will make active efforts for the resumption of offline exchanges, the continuous expansion of educational cooperation space and the development of international exchanges among the project institutions of the SCO University and our University. To contribute to the building of an even closer SCO University community of shared future. (Luan Tian)

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