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Our school held the 11th Teachers' Teaching Competition (Teaching Innovation Competition) and the final of 2023 Liaoning Higher Education Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition

According to the Notice of Liaoning Provincial Education Department Office on Holding 2023 Liaoning Provincial College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition, recently, our school has carried out the selection and recommendation of 2023 Liaoning Provincial College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition.

The competition is divided into four groups: professor group, associate professor group, intermediate group and beginners group, and course ideological and political group, including two review stages: material review (course teaching record video, teaching innovation achievement report) and on-site report (teaching design innovation report). In the preliminary competition, a total of 30 works were submitted by teachers and recommended by their teaching units to enter the school-level final. After reviewing the materials, 15 teachers are recommended to enter the finals.

Seven experts from inside and outside the university were invited to serve as judges, including Prof. Shi Zhuqing, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Liaoning Normal University, Prof. Peng Xumei, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Dalian Ocean University, Prof. Li Wenjing, Director of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Prof. Yu Shengbo, Director of Dalian Medical University, Prof. Zhang Guoqiang, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of our University, Prof. Xu Haote, Dean of School of Marxism, and Prof. Wang Ke, Dean of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship/School of Software.

On December 16th, the final was held through Tencent conference. The full online broadcast of the final was carried out by Super Star platform. More than 4,200 people from inside and outside the university watched the final online. The judges scored from eight dimensions, namely concept and goal, content analysis, learning situation analysis, curriculum ideology and politics, process and method, evaluation and feedback, document specification and design innovation, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for modification. The final stage fully displayed the theme of "Promoting teaching innovation and Cultivating first-class talents", highlighted the achievements of our school's classroom teaching reform and the style of our school's teachers.

Comprehensive material evaluation results, finally selected 4 first prize, 5 second prize, 6 third prize, 15 winning prizes. According to the competition arrangement and school competition ranking, the school plans to recommend Zhu Yurong and Hua Yuanyuan from professor group, Li Xiaoxi, Zhu Wenxi and Chen Jing from associate professor group, Li Xichun, Yuan Pengyang and Wang Nannan from Intermediate and beginner group, Liu Xiang from Ideological and political group, and other 9 teachers to participate in 2023 Liaoning College Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition. We recommend Zhu Yurong, Li Xiaoxi, Li Xichun, Liu Xiang to participate in the final competition.

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