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The doctoral dissertation defence of the third and fourth batches of the 2022 Doctoral Program of "High-end Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs Talents in Northeast Asia" of our university successfully completed

From December 11th to 16 th, the Doctoral training program of "High-end Talents of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Northeast Asia" of our university held the doctoral dissertation defense meeting of two doctoral students through remote video. After the personal research work introduction, the judges' questions, the students' answers, and the discussion of the defense committee, the two doctoral students' graduation thesis has reached the level of doctoral dissertation, and successfully passed the thesis defense. The defense committee unanimously recommended that the university Academic Degree Assessment committee grant the two doctoral students the degree of Doctor of Literature.

On December 11th, the doctoral training program of "Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs High-end Talents in Northeast Asia" of our university held the doctoral dissertation defense meeting through Tencent Conference platform, and doctoral student Liu Zongnan successfully completed the doctoral dissertation defense. The chairman of the defense Committee was Professor Zhang Hui, doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Normal University, and the committee members were Professor Peng Guanglu, doctoral supervisor of Beijing Institute of Technology, and Professors Liu Fengguang, Chai Hongmei and Zhao Yanmin, doctoral supervisors of our university. At the defense meeting, Liu Chengnan, a doctoral student, expounded the key points of his thesis "Research on metonymy Strategies of Japan's Economic Diplomacy towards China from the Perspective of Critical Cognitive Linguistics".

The defence committee members raised questions and hints on the title, basic concept, theoretical framework, research content, basic argument, research extension, especially the main research questions, definition of key concepts, references, paper format and so on. After discussion and secret ballot voting by the defense committee, it was unanimously expressed that Liu Congnan's doctoral dissertation reached the level of obtaining doctoral dissertation, successfully passed the dissertation defense, and agreed to grant him the degree of Doctor of literature.

Up to now, a total of 21 doctoral students (including international students) have successfully passed the defense of their doctoral theses, covering three languages including Russian, Japanese and English. Relying on the Chinese Northeast Asian Language Research Center of the State Language Commission, the Graduate School and the Northeast Asian Research Center of our University will continue to fully implement the spirit of the National Conference on Postgraduate Education, constantly improve the quality and training ability of our doctoral students, and cultivate "multilingual +" international, innovative, composite and application-oriented high-end foreign language talents. (Zhong Yuhong)

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