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Han College held the 12th Career Planning Competition

Han College held the 12th Career Planning Competition

In order to help students better understand the employment needs, establish the correct concept of employment, and do a good job of learning planning, on November 16th, the Youth League Committee of our school held the 12th career planning competition in Room 505 of Mingde Building. The competition consisted of three parts: individual presentation, pressure interview and leaderless group discussion. Teachers Jiang Xuili, Liu Xin, Song Wen, Guo Haitao and Chen Rupei acted as judges.

In the individual show, contestants put forward their career goals, development paths and action plans based on their self-understanding and analysis of the external environment. Miao Yangyu has comprehensive self-assessment, clear career goals, detailed action plans and rich practical experience. Combined with the new situation, Chenxuan determined the best career goals based on their career tendencies and Zhai Ruotong presented gracefully, confidently and calmly which gave the audience deep impression.

During the pressure interview, the judges asked questions about the contestants' personal statements and career paths, and offered targeted advice. Lin Noya's bright and calm performance and orderly answer to the judges' questions won the judges' praise. Xu Qinye has a deep understanding of his career orientation and answers perfectly. Combined with the current employment situation, he shows the sense of mission and values of contemporary college students.

For Leaderless group discussion, in which contestants brainstorm solutions to problems. Chen Le did an excellent job. She coordinated the views of the team and showed her excellent teamwork ability. She was able to push the discussion group to think deeply. Zhang Xinzhi made a logical and well-organized speech, able to understand the thoughts of the members, and summarized the results of the team discussion.

Finally, the judges remarked on the contestants' performance. Ms. Jiang Xueli inspired students to think deeply about the relationship between "safety" and "life", improve their sense of responsibility and mission, and gradually achieve self-realization. Teacher Liu Xin suggested that students actively explore, find out the gap between the target career requirements and their own, develop detailed and practical university planning, down-to-earth to achieve their goals. Mr. Guo Haitao proposed that we should distinguish between "occupation" and "career", realize self-worth in work, and choose suitable courses to gradually strengthen our own advantages. Ms. Chen encouraged students to explore their own inner driving force, independent learning and exploration, and perseverance.

The 12th Career Planning Competition of our college has come to an end. "Life is limited, but career is not." I hope that the students can take this competition as an opportunity to establish the correct awareness of career planning, find their own development direction, in the career planning road, such as the original intention, perseverance and perseverance. (Xiao Er Yi Shangchen Guo Linshan)

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