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Yang Meihua, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute in Russia, won the Confucius Institute Director Memorial Medal in 2022.

Yang Meihua, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute in Russia, won the Confucius Institute Director Memorial Medal in 2022.

Confucius Institute Day 2022, hosted by the Chinese Language Education Foundation of China, kicked off on September 27. Confucius Institutes around the world participated online to celebrate the day. The Foundation awarded the Confucius Institute Director Memorial Medal to 25 Chinese and foreign directors who have worked at Confucius Institutes for more than 10 years. Yang Meihua, a teacher of our school who has witnessed the development of Confucius Institute for 11 years, received this award and made a speech as the representative of the winning director.

Since 2009, Yang Meihua has served as the Chinese director at the Confucius Institute of Novosibirsk State Technical University of Russia and the Confucius Institute of "Bryusov" State University of Armenia for three times. During her 11 years in office, she took the initiative to understand and find opportunities and promote the work of Confucius Institute in real time. During her tenure, she cooperated with foreign parties, focused on training local teachers, created high-end academic platforms and featured brand projects, and promoted the connotation development of Confucius Institute. In 2010, ITCI won the honorary title of "Global Advanced Confucius Institute", and in 2020, ITCI won the title of "Global Excellent Chinese Test Center".

Served at "Bryusov" national university, she combined Chinese language teaching into the local, promoted Confucius Institutes to take root locally, in the local two famous universities offered Chinese language and culture center, organized the syllabus and local teaching material. With the approal of the Armenian Ministry of Educationl, she successfully promoted Chinese into the Armenian national basic education system, Opening a new situation of Chinese teaching specialization in Armenia. In 2016, the Confucius Institute of "Bryusov" National University won the title of "Global Advanced Confucius Institute". In 2018, she was awarded the title of "Advanced Individual" by the Global Confucius Institute.

After winning the award, Yang Meihua said that her persistence in the Confucius Institute over the years is out of a responsibility and mission, the true feelings conveyed by friends who love the Chinese language and culture, and her sincere love for the cause of Confucius Institute. I sincerely appreciate the trust, support and encouragement of China International Chinese Language Education Foundation, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and overseas partner universities. She will continue to make contributions to international Chinese language education and the construction of Confucius Institutes. (Jiang Xiangling)

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