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Our school's 2022 undergraduate admissions work has ended successfully

Our school's 2022 undergraduate admissions work has ended successfully

Our school's 2022 undergraduate admissions work has ended successfully. According to the admission work arrangements of the provinces (cities and districts), this year's undergraduate admissions work of our school officially started on July 11th for the Liaoning art class, and on August 13th, the admissions for the high school classes in Xinjiang inland ended, and a total of 3,252 freshmen were admitted. All freshmen's admission notices have been released in three batches through China Post.

The school attaches great importance to undergraduate admissions work, actively overcomes the difficulties brought about by the epidemic, and carries out various online and offline admissions publicity activities. The sixth season and "Online Ferryman" student enrollment promotion activities and "Famous Teachers Lecture Majors" and other enrollment promotion live broadcast series have achieved good publicity results.

Before admission, the school held a work meeting of the admissions leadership group, and the school leaders put forward specific requirements for the admissions work to ensure the smooth progress of the admissions work. During the admissions promotion and admissions period, the Admissions and Employment Office recruited six volunteers from school students to answer the questions of candidates and parents enthusiastically. All the staff of the Admissions and Employment Office overcame the difficulties caused by the hot weather in summer, the long admission time and the inconvenience caused by epidemic prevention and control, strictly abide by the admission work discipline, and completed the admission work in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

In 2022, our school will enroll students from 27 provinces (cities and districts) across the country. The admissions situation is good. The admission scores of all places are on the batch control line or the undergraduate batch control line, and some provinces maintain high admission scores. The school's enrollment in Liaoning Province is progressing smoothly, the one-time application is full, and the highest and lowest scores for admission have increased compared to last year.

At present, the new student data has been sorted and submitted to the relevant functional departments of the school to ensure the smooth progress of all work. The Admissions and Employment Office will continue to organize and analyze the data of freshmen, and will conduct in-depth visits to various colleges after the start of the semester, conduct questionnaires for freshmen and teachers, comprehensively analyze the quality of students, and complete the "2022 Freshmen Quality Report" for the school's talent training. It can provide reference and reference for future undergraduate admissions work. (Shang Haitao)

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