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Pushkin Sculpture Unveiled

On May 7th, the unveiling ceremony of Pushkin sculpture was held in DUFL Center of Russian Studies to commemorate the 50th anniversary of DUFL and President Sun Yuhua’s receiving of the Pushkin Medal. The sculpture was presented by Educational, Scientific, Cultural and Health Committee of the People’s Congress of Dalian.

Heads from the Committee of People’s Congress of Dalian such as Shen Lirong, Zhang Haibo and Wang Defeng, staff from the Chinese Office of University League of SCO, DUFL President Sun Yuhua, vice presidents Zhu Gongwei and Liu Hong attended the ceremony. Some teachers and students from Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies were also present.

Zhang Haibo made the opening remarks. He noted that the sculpture serves both as a sign of gala to the brilliant accomplishment of DUFL since its establishment and respect for the faculty and staff members of DUFL for their dedication to educational causes. Vice-president Liu Hong, on behalf of DUFL, expressed her gratitude to the Committee for presenting the sculpture. She restated the determination to make DUFL one of the best bases for Russian-language talent cultivation.

President Sun Yuhua and Deputy-Director Shen Lirong unveiled the nameplate for Pushkin sculpture.

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