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DUFL joins “the most favored Chinese universities in 2015 by foreign dignitaries”

Recently, a report released by cuaa.net announced a list of “the most favored Chinese universities in 2015 by foreign dignitaries”. According to the report, there are altogether 52 universities in China that have received over 200 foreign heads of states for a visit or for giving a speech. In Dalian, only Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Dalian Maritime University are put on the list.

A university is a “cultural card” which can display the image of its country. Getting the favor and approval of the heads of states and governments all over the world can not only manifest the university’s international influence and reputation, but also show its core competence and international level.

This list comes from the findings of a research conducted by the university research team of cuaa.net on the foreign heads of states and governments who have visited Chinese universities. Then the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev visited our university in September 26, 2010, to the accompaniment of then the federal vice-premier Zhukov and Russian Ambassador to China Sergei Razov and others. Dmitry Medvedev highly praised DUFL as “one of the best universities to learn Russian in China”. This is the highest level of foreign visit ever since the foundation of DUFL.

DUFL has been abiding by its motto “Virtue and Knowledge, Openness and Diversity” for fifty years. It sticks to the purpose of training interdisciplinary, international and applied talents, adheres to the internationalized way of running a university with characteristics, and attaches great importance to subject and specialty construction. DUFL is a domestic and foreign exams organization under the administration of the Ministry of Education directly, a multilingual training base for people sent to study abroad by our government, a university league of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Sino-Russian college student exchange base, an international base for the promotion of the Chinese Language, a school of reserve teachers for Confucius Institutes, a host institution for students on international Chinese government scholarships, a university of Hong Kong-Mainland students and teachers exchange program, an International Youth Center (Dalian), a Ukrainian Studies Center, CJK Cooperative Research Centre, a provincial base for humanities research, and a provincial innovative experimental area of international foreign language talents training mode. Up to now, 95 people have graduated from DUFL in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, DUFL has been known as “the university outside Beijing with the largest number of students who have entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

Many new agencies, including Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily Online, China Daily, ln.qq.com, Dalian Evening News, have covered it.

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