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New Year Message: Gathering Our Strengths for Greater Achievement

by Party Secretary Liu Ximing and President Sun Yuhua


Dear faculty and staff members, students, alumni and friends,

As the bells welcoming 2015 start to ring, we bid farewell to a fruitful 2014 and welcome a promising New Year. We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the university party leadership, to extend New Year's greetings to all the faculty and staff, students, and the retired members. We would also like to express our cordial greetings and best wishes to leaders of all levels, and alumni at home and abroad, as well as friends of all fields who have given support to the development of our university.

Last year, which also marked the 50th anniversary of our university, has been a time of great progress, during which we worked together and made great achievements in all respects, including educational and teaching reforms and the internationalization of our university.

Last year’s major symbolic achievements for undergraduate education are as follows: The Russian major won the second class prize at the national level; three textbooks were chosen as the 12th Five-year Project’s National Textbook for general higher education; two national distinguished sharing courses have been approved, along with a provincial video open class; such projects as Liaoning Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Liaoning Provincial Model Teacher and Provincial Millions of Talent Project also saw DUFL mentioned. Our graduates became more competitive and better qualified on the job market with the yearly employment rate as 95% and 95.61% for post-graduates.

In the past year, discipline construction was steadily pushed on and our scientific research was constantly improved. “Foreign languages and literature” entered the second level of “first-class disciplines with characteristics in Liaoning province”. Two master degree conferring programs (tourism and art) were officially approved, and the first two PhD candidates were enrolled. Two National Social Science Fund projects were added and Foreign Languages and Their Teaching is among the top 100 social science journals. We actively developed two think tanks, “Northeast Asia Research Center” and “China-Japan-ROK Cooperation Research Center”, as well as the preparatory work of “Northeast Asia Diplomatic Collaborative Innovation Center ”.

Last year, DUFL actively carried out the strategy of international promotion of Chinese and made new achievements in constructing Confucius Institutes. DUFL, taking the opportunity of the tenth anniversary of Confucius Institutes, made great contributions to spreading traditional Chinese culture. DUFL now has 8 overseas Confucius Institutes with one newly set up in the University of Aveiro in Portugal and the Confucius Institute of Guyana officially inaugurated. DUFL became ICLTA test center and was awarded as the advanced Chinese cooperation organization of Confucius Institutes, which made DUFL the only Chinese institution that got this award in 3 consecutive years and accepted the award from the state leaders.

Last year, DUFL’s international education level reached a new high with its expanding cooperation and exchange. It established further relationship with 190 universities from 27 countries and regions, which made DUFL a foreign language training center of Japanese, English and Russian for government-funded overseas study. With 1490 students from 55 counties studying here, DUFL was honored a second time as the national advanced institution for international students in China.

Last year, DUFL comprehensively studied and implemented the spirit of the Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and a series of vital exponent of General Secretary Xi Jinping, deepened educational practice of the mass line of the Party, thus improving the scientific level of party construction. Progress was made to improve working and studying conditions of teachers, students and staff, and to create a secure and harmonious campus. Teachers’ apartments were completed and new dormitories were put into use. DUFL promoted informatization, initiated the third phase of digitized campus project, and steadily improved the teaching resource construction.

Golden years will remember our progress and flying days cannot take away our oath.

In 2015, we will shoulder greater responsibilities and forge bravely ahead. Bearing in mind the motto of Advocating Virtue and Culture and Embracing All, DUFL will strive to realize its aspiration of becoming a teaching and research university with high quality, distinctive characteristics of international class. We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th NPC and the Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. We will comprehensively accomplish all work in the 12th Five-year plan period, and complete the survey and compiling work of the thirteenth Five-year Plan. We will push forward contemporary university system construction into a new chapter.

Dear teachers, students, alumni and friends, let us work hard together with passion and efforts to achieve new accomplishments in the year 2015.

May everyone enjoy good health, work smoothly and have good luck and family happiness in the coming 2015.

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