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President Sun Yuhua Meets with Russian Delegation from Baikal State University of Economics and Law

On December 18th, President Sun Yuhua met with the delegation headed by Madam Ozernikova, Vice President of Baikal State University of Economics and Law in charge of foreign affairs. Liu Hong, vice president of DUFL and heads of relevant departments were present at the meeting.

President Sun Yuhua extended a warm welcome to Madam Ozernikova and the delegation, and thanked them for their efforts to improve the two universities’ cooperation in education. President Sun said that with the development of our Russian language teaching and the growing number of overseas students in both universities, we’d like to strengthen the cooperation in economics and law in order to cultivate high-end Russian major talents and make them more familiar with regional business and better qualified for future job markets.

Vice President Ozernikova thanked President Sun and Vice President Liu very much for their hospitality and their efforts to promote the cooperation, and also expressed the will that both sides would strengthen exchanges and cooperation. She thought highly of DUFL students’ Russian language proficiency, and introduced their master programs, hoping that DUFL’s Russian and English majors would choose to further their studies through these programs.

After the meeting, the delegation held a briefing for students from Department of Russian and School of English Studies, detailing the master programs of Baikal State University of Economics and Law. Among them are two English programs, Banking and Finance (in cooperation with Poland) and International Management (in cooperation with Austria), and 39 Russian programs.

After the briefing, the delegation visited some relevant departments and expressed their sincere appreciation to our achievements in Sino-Russian exchanges.

The visit has deepened mutual understanding and trust, provided the prerequisite to expand areas of cooperation and collaboration between the two universities, and highlighted our international education power and influence. (Wang Nannan)

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