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Students from DUFL Won the 16th Dalian University International Students’ Mandarin Speech Contest Again

The 16th Dalian University International Students’ Mandarin Speech Contest kicked off at the Dalian Furama Hotel on December 15, 2014. It was sponsored by Dalian Municipal People’s Government and organized by Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People’s Government and Foreign Students’ Management Association of Dalian Colleges and Universities. Liu Fang, deputy director of Dalian Foreign Affairs Office, Liu Yunpeng, section chief of Dalian Foreign Affairs Office consular section, officials in charge of international students from universities of Dalian and nearly 600 international students were present at the contest.

The contest attracted a field of 42 players from twelve universities in Dalian, covering over ten nationalities. It is a contest full of fierce competition. International students from our university won the contest again by virtue of their language competence and calm performance.

The seven contestants of DLUFL are from Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Canada, Malaysia and Kyrgyzstan. This contest has two first prizes. Bai Liancheng (Korean) and Gao Weibo (Canadian) both won them. Zheng Sixin (Malaysian) won the second prize. Ku Yumei and Taitian Shayouli from Japan, Qingge Lema from Mongolia, Wang Kailin from Kyrgyzstan got honorable mention.

The chief leaders of DLUFL and leaders of the School of Chinese Studies attached great importance to this contest. The team was meticulously organized by the associate dean Chen Zijiao and was taken charge of by Li Ning. All the instructors have contributed and played a vital role.

The applaudable achievement is the fruit of the hard work of the contestants and their instructors. After the contest, the School of Chinese Studies analyzed and summarized the existing problems and shortcomings of the instruction, the performance of the players and the practical teaching of Chinese, aiming at achieving another success!(Zheng Siwen)

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