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National Award Grabbed by the Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies

The Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies in this university is awarded the Second Prize in the National Education Teaching Credit.


This output is a systemic summary of the Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies’ decade–long efforts in nurturing talents and teaching innovation, displaying fruitful result of their teaching efforts. This program aims at innovating the Russian talent training mode and targets at a system of training the talents in the situation of international competition which demands the competence of the students, thus optimizing the training plan, innovating the teaching mode and enhancing the competence of the students.

The program is hosted by Prof. Sun Yuhua, a prestigious scholar in the field. It integrates the current curriculum and is proactive in terms of the following aspects.

First, as a systematic talent nurturing mode, this program is both a summary of the historical didactics and a positive feedback on the demand from the society, providing experience to the peers.

Secondly, this program integrates the language competence and quality, fulfilling the systematic clustering of lessons. The coordination between classroom content and mode, after-class designing and development, language proficiency and culture endowment are better balanced and guaranteed.

Thirdly, the program includes the serial publication of textbooks, which are utilized in dozens of domestic universities.

Fourthly, a trio of internship teaching organically capsules in-class activities, extracurricular activities, internship and internationally exchange chains, avoiding the de-hooking between teaching and practice.

National-level teaching award is a four-year event granted by the State Council, denoting the top of academic excellence. The honor is both a nod to our academic progress and appraisal of our academic pursuit in terms of bachelor-centered teaching, deepening innovation and improving quality. It also shows the commitment of the faculty.

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