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The International Academy of Art

Founded in 2000, the International Academy of Art (IAA)offers an interdisciplinary major, featuring specialist training in art and design combined with foreign language instruction.

IAA has an enrollment of a thousand students in its undergraduate programs (Garment Design, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, and City Design). The academy was also recently authorized to offer a master’s degree (MFA) which is accredited by the provincial education department and which will enroll its first candidates in 2015.

Faculty members are popular with students for their academic and professional dedication and expertise. Many of their works have enjoyed both local and international recognition. Students have also won a number of awards in domestic and international contests.

Our educational approach is based on the importance of providing students with a solid foundation in required skills, extensive knowledge of the field, advanced proficiency in foreign languages, and a capacity for innovation. Students develop both formal skills and a comprehensive understanding of the roles played by technical ability and individual creativity in the making of art.

In order to diversify their learning experience and expand their knowledge, we also offer students the opportunity to complete a year or more of their studies abroad with one of our partner institutions. Their competence in both their majors and foreign languages, both of which are enhanced by such programs, means that our students have excellent employment and career prospects.

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