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The School of Economics and Management

The School of Economics and Management is a comparatively new school set up to meet the demand of social and economic development and China’s expanding international links. It offers six undergraduate programs: International Economics and Trade (for which English is a language requirement), Tourism Management (for which English or Japanese may be chosen to fulfill the language requirement), Financial Management (English), Marketing (English or Japanese), Economics (Japanese), and Finance (English or Japanese). Over a thousand students are enrolled in our programs.

Faculty hold advanced degrees with specializations in more than one field and are bilingual. Many draw on valuable knowledge and insights gained through studying abroad or through experience in the business world and all are accomplished teachers and researchers. In addition, experts from abroad and from the business sector are invited to lecture at the school on a long- or short-term basis.

We lay a solid foundation for students to succeed through our innovative curricula which feature a combination of training in their area of specialization and in a foreign language. Through providing opportunities to expand their knowledge, achieve proficiency in a foreign language, and develop their all-round abilities, the school aims to cultivate international professionals with strong practical, interdisciplinary and communicative skills.

The economics and management programs share a number of courses which allow students to develop a broader knowledge of these related fields and improve their practical skills. In the first two years, students receive the same English- or Japanese-language training as English or Japanese majors. In the subsequent two, students attend dual-language economic and management courses, thereby integrating knowledge of their specialist area with that of a foreign language organically. This greatly enhances the students’ ability to use their technical knowledge in a foreign language. In 2011, we embarked on an experimental financial management project with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), through which students can obtain international qualifications such as the Certificate of Chartered Certified Accountants. This also allows them to pursue an MBA degree at Oxford Brookes University.

We have four advanced and comprehensive laboratories for practical and professional skills training. In addition, the school benefits from excellent off-campus resources through joint programs. Besides internships through national and provincial government structures, several internship bases have also been established with various companies, including major firms from the United States, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan and Singapore, and students have access to professional internship centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Dalian.

The School of Economics and Management is strengthening its international links through joint programs with tertiary institutions in the US, Australia, the UK, Denmark and Japan. Undergraduates are able to study at partner universities and obtain degrees, opt for further studies, or do internships and gain experience at companies in these countries. Through our cooperative programs, institutions such as Okayama Shoka University for Economics and Josai International University for Finance offer students the opportunity to complete the final two years of their studies in Japan and receive degrees from both DUFL and the relevant Japanese university.

Our students enjoy giving back to the community. They have served as volunteers for a number of important events such as the ASEM Economic Ministers' Meeting, the World Economic Forum, the Global Chinese Financial Forum, the APEC Leaders Meeting, the Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing in 2008, Japan’s Aichi Expo, and the Shanghai Expo. They also volunteered at visitors’ stands during China’s sixtieth anniversary celebrations, and their efforts contributed to Dalian’s nomination as one of the best cities for tourism.

They have excelled in various national and regional contests such as China’s Future Star Guide Contest, the National Model UN Contest, the National English Contest for College Students, the CCTV Cup English Talent Competition, the National Campus Host Contest, the National ACCA Job Hunting Competition, the Dalian Cannon Japanese Speech Contest, and the Dalian College Business Venture Competition. Our graduates are employed in foreign affairs offices, foreign trade companies, banks, travel agencies, and research institutes, and their services and performance are highly valued.

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