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The School of Cultural Studies and Journalism

The School of Cultural Studies and Journalism was established in 2005 to meet the needs of regional economic development. It offers three undergraduate programs: TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language), Journalism, and Chinese Language and Literature. The following three graduate programs are also offered: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Language and Ancient Chinese Literature. It is also responsible for teaching required university-wide general education courses.

The School of Cultural Studies and Journalism has twenty-one full-time lecturers and twenty distinguished part-time faculty members, including professors from prestigious universities, newspaper and network editors-in-chief and broadcast journalists. Currently, it has an enrollment of four hundred undergraduate students and sixty graduate candidates. In 2010, the school was authorized to award MA degrees in Chinese Language and Literature. In 2011, the TCSL faculty members were honored as the top team in higher education for Liaoning province.

The School of Cultural Studies and Journalism’s mission is to promote the holistic development of students, empowering them with both specialized knowledge and language proficiency, and equipping them for interdisciplinary work. The school is noteworthy for its emphasis on intensive English instruction (ongoing practice in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation) to assist students in developing advanced language skills in order to strengthen their capacity to teach Chinese to international students. The students are expected to pass the standardized test for English majors (TEM-4). The School of Cultural Studies and Journalism prioritizes practical work experience, making good use of the training sites on and off campus for students to keep abreast of developments in the broader society and apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings. Graduates can thus quickly adapt to the world of work and are well prepared for further studies.

In addition to a commitment to the development of professional expertise, the School of Cultural Studies and Journalism draws on the strengths of Dalian’s growing on-campus multilingual centre for promoting the Chinese language, as well as the university’s foreign-language education resources and various international exchange programs. Through these initiatives, the School of Cultural Studies and Journalism provides a favorable environment for students to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, to broaden their knowledge, to nurture their practical abilities and to pursue advanced studies. The school paves the way for them to introduce Chinese culture to the world and become future cultural ambassadors.

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