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The Department of Music

The Department of Music was founded in 2012, growing out of the music subject major that had been overseen by Dalian University of Foreign Languages’ International Academy of Art from 2005. Undergraduates complete a Bachelor of Arts in musicology with orientations such as Vocal Music, Piano, Multimedia Music Production, and Traditional Chinese Instruments. Dedicated to the principles of professionalism in instruction, and artistic accomplishment in performance as well as practical experience in the field, the Department of Music draws on DUFL’s strengths in foreign language education and international cooperative programs to integrate music education with foreign language learning, thereby cultivating highly-qualified artistic talents with interdisciplinary knowledge, diversified skills and international perspectives.

Faculty members are either Master’s or PhD degree holders, and well versed in music theory and practice, with rich performance experience in various music contests and recitals. Their endeavors have resulted in outstanding achievements in academic research and performance, both on and off campus.

As mentioned above, the Department implements an interdisciplinary training mode that integrates music education with foreign language learning to provide an innovative and relevant curriculum for students and to increase their employment competitiveness. These programs entail studying music in combination with a foreign language such as English, Japanese or Korean. The success of this approach appears to be borne out by the recent high employment rate of musicology majors after graduation.

The Department of Music stresses the value of international exchanges, and is constantly expanding international cooperation. We have close ties with Nagaya Music University and Sakuyo University in Japan, Rovira i Virgili University in Spain and Daegu University in South Korea. These programs allow for students to study at DUFL for the first two years and then to complete their studies abroad, leading to degrees from both DUFL and the partner university.

A number of opportunities for practical work experience are available. DUFL’s Confucius Institutes abroad provide platforms for the students to display the essence of Chinese folk music. The Headquarters of Confucius Institute has regularly sent our students to countries such as South Korea, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, where their shows have been very well received.

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