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The School for Software Engineering

The School for Software Engineering was established in 2004 to meet the needs of regional economic development in northeast Asia, especially for IT professionals with interdisciplinary skills and a good command of English in the field of software outsourcing. The school offers six undergraduate programs: Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information Systems, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Japanese (international business focus) and English (international trade focus). It currently has an enrollment of more than 3400 students. The Software School has received numerous provincial and national honors and prizes, including professional citations, and awards recognizing excellence in education, as well as those for outstanding contributions to software development and service outsourcing. The school also holds membership of the foremost professional organizations in the field in China.

The school benefits from the expertise of an excellent faculty with a distinguished track record. Over the past ten years, they have published more than two hundred textbooks and dictionaries as well as 233 academic papers in journals, undertaken over a hundred research projects, and won seventy-four awards for instruction and academic research, some of which have addressed important gaps in the field globally. The school stresses practical instruction and cooperates with well-known enterprises, creating opportunities for individualized training, internships and employment. Intensive English, Japanese and Korean programs are distinctive strengths of the school’s curricula, enhancing employment prospects in a sector where interdisciplinary knowledge and multilingual skills are increasingly important.

The school also has developed partnerships with prestigious overseas universities, which create more opportunities to study abroad for students, and for them to benefit from joint programs that award undergraduate degrees from both DUFL and the partner university or that allow students to move on directly to a master’s degree at the partner university.

Graduates of the School for Software Engineering are expected to have good command of two foreign languages as well as their specialist field, which makes them more marketable as employees. Students have employment prospects in many fields, such as information technology, software development, software engineering, e-commerce, e-administration and fields that require foreign-language proficiency. The Software School is a hub for talented young people as well as a bridge to the world and a brighter future.

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