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The School of Chinese Studies

Since it began short-term Chinese instruction programs in 1981 and its official founding in 1985, the School of Chinese Studies has become an important international centre for the study of the Chinese language. The school began to offer an undergraduate program in Chinese studies in 1993, and an MA program in Chinese International Education in 2009. The School of Chinese Studies currently houses the new HSK Dalian Testing Center, and hosts students on scholarship from National Office of Chinese as Foreign Language as well as those on government scholarships (funded by the Ministry of Education). The school has been officially designated as a school of excellence for overseas students and as one of the first ‘model’ centers for international student education in China. It is also a very important part of the Dalian center for the worldwide promotion of the Chinese language.

In terms of school size and enrollment, the school ranks highly among comparable institutions, hosting 1500 international students annually, and having received 15000 international students from over sixty countries for short-term training. Graduates play important roles in areas such as diplomacy, business, education and cultural exchange in their home countries. The School of Chinese Studies has established cooperative ties with over twenty foreign universities and a number of non-governmental organizations.

The school’s excellent faculty, with nearly sixty full-time and part-time teachers, is mostly made up of professors and associate professors, all of whom are MA or PhD degree holders. The school benefits from their rich experience in student instruction (including the teaching of Chinese abroad) and their competence in academic research.

Currently, the School of Chinese Studies offers a variety of programs ranging from short-term Chinese-language training to a BA in Chinese or in Chinese International Education and an MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Short-term intensive training with maximum results has been a distinctive feature of the school’s approach. The richness of Chinese culture may also be experienced through free courses in calligraphy, Chinese painting, martial arts, tai-chi, and paper-cutting. An array of language-practice activities such as Chinese speech contests, tabloid sports, and cultural events are also arranged from time to time.

The School of Chinese Studies is the home of a truly international family where domestic and overseas students gather to learn and communicate as well as to share and experience the charm of Chinese language and culture.

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