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The School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education offers training courses for students who are preparing for the higher education examination program through self-study and for those preparing for professional certificate examinations as well as adult education, foreign language training and other international programs. The school has been officially designated as one of the first ‘model’ training schools for self-studying students preparing for national examinations by the Ministry of Education and as an excellent school for adult education in Liaoning province. It has also been rated as the most reputable foreign-language training school by web portals such as sina.com.

Imbuing graduates with a sense of the importance of high ethical standards is a focus of the school. Over the years, the school has prioritized and incorporated moral education in every phase of its training programs, laying emphasis on the students’ all-round development. Scholarships and prizes are awarded to excellent individuals and groups based on an annual assessment.

The school emphasizes the value of international exposure and cooperation. In recent years, through ties with Korean, American and Japanese universities, exchange programs have been established and other educational channels have been expanded. Through these links, hundreds of graduates have been sent abroad to pursue further studies.

The school is proud of its remarkable achievements, having trained over 300,000 students from all walks of life and from all corners of the country. They work in a variety of sectors and settings, including government offices, schools, hotels, airlines, and domestic and foreign enterprises. Some of them have started their own businesses, or gone on to postgraduate studies. Our graduates are held in high regard nationwide and their success has earned much praise.

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