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The Department of Ideological and Political Science

The Department of Ideological and Political Science was officially founded in 2012. It was named the “Department of the Humanities” in 1987, the predecessors of which were the Marxism-Leninism Teaching and Research Office and the Moral Education and Research Office. After thirty years of development, the Department has matured in terms of its size and the capacities of its faculty. The Department is responsible for coordinating the joint planning of faculty in the field of ideological and political theories; supervising instruction, research and social service; pursuing the disciplinary up-grading of Marxist Theory, cultivating talents and developing the potentials of the faculty.

The Department was authorized to award MA degrees in ideological and political education in 2007, and undertakes the preparation of MA candidates specializing in ideological and political science, modern ethics and morality, ideological and political education and management, and theories of the socialist rule of law. Seven students have so far been enrolled in the program.

The Department boasts highly professional full-time and part-time faculty with meticulous instruction and research records. It has a staff complement of two professors, seven associate professors, and six lecturers. Eminent professors from other universities are also invited to teach. Among the faculty, we have a number of recipients of awards for teaching achievements, including municipal and provincial prize winners. In addition, lecturers include representatives of the Dalian Municipal People’s Congress, as well as the local People’s Political Consultative Conference.

With the unstinting support of the management of the university, and through the efforts of the faculty, ideological and political science has become a key discipline at our university. In recent years, the Department has won three provincial teaching achievement awards, and published more than 200 research papers in a variety of academic journals as well as a dozen academic monographs. In addition, various faculty members are engaged in a research project funded by the national Ministry of Education, and twelve other research projects at the provincial level.

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