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The Department of Physical Education

The Physical Education Teaching and Research Office (which had been affiliated to the Department of the Humanities) came under the direct control of the Office of Academic Affairs in 2004, and became a separate faculty called the Department of Physical Education in June 2005. The Department boasts a team of seventeen faculty members, consisting of one professor, four associate professors, and eleven lecturers, of whom fifteen are master’s degree holders.

With the support and guidance of the university administration, the Department has fully implemented national education policies and those regarding physical education in particular. Its programs give priority to promoting health, with a focus on undergraduate education, and are infused with the intellectual and eclectic spirit of our university. Through many years of reform and adaptation, the Department has created a physical education program with features unique to DUFL, and run by a highly professional team of dedicated and skilled instructors.

Besides the physical education curriculum, the Department of Physical Education undertakes extra-curricular coaching and the training of school athletes, as well as the organization of athletic competitions. In addition, it also collaborates with the school Labor Union, Youth League, Student Union and other sports associations to coordinate physical activities. The Department actively promotes a “well-rounded education” and endeavors to spread DUFL’s unique sports culture. It stresses moral education, the dissemination of information regarding health and lifelong sporting practices, and the development of the related skills and habits. The Department also strives to bring benefits to students through promoting sports as a way of improving psychological health, establishing interpersonal relationships, nurturing a positive life attitude, adjusting personal mood, instilling sporting ethics and building team spirit.

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