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The Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science owes its origin to the Computer Teaching and Research Office established in 2006, which was part of the Modern Education Technology Center. In August 2012, the Department (incorporating the Software Engineering and Research Office and the Computer Application Teaching and Research Office) was officially founded and is currently responsible for university-wide instruction in computer science for non-computer science majors in accordance with the university’s overall strategy. The faculty is currently comprised of nine full-time instructors and several part-time lecturers, four of whom possess senior professional titles. The prestigious affiliations held by members include membership of the College Talents Support Project in Liaoning Province, and sponsorship by the local cooperative program of China Scholarship Council (CSC). In addition, the department has been awarded numerous honors in recognition of its success as a faculty and for excellent performance by individual teachers.

The Department emphasizes the combination of theoretical research and teaching practice. It has forged ahead and carried out a series of teaching reforms including introducing important changes to the basic college computer training course, the execution of the “2+x” curricular plan in instruction for non-computer majors in foreign language universities as well as ongoing research associated with this plan, and the optimization of teaching skills through a project-teaching approach.

In terms of academic research, the faculty’s outstanding work has been acknowledged with five provincial awards, including the Natural Sciences Achievement Award of Liaoning Province. It has hosted and participated in two humanities and social sciences projects for the national Ministry of Education, as well as several provincial research projects.

In recent years, the Department has published three textbooks through Tsinghua University Press, as well as a further six commissioned by the Liaoning Provincial Society of Basic Computer Education. Several projects have been undertaken including six DUFL teaching reform initiatives, a research project on the cultivation of DUFL talents, as well as one on teaching reform in local provincial tertiary institutions. Moreover, the Department has won prizes for achievements in teaching at the university level as well as at the provincial level, where it has excelled in teaching contests as well. In short, the Department’s dynamic approach to instruction and research as mutually beneficial endeavors has given its development great momentum.

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