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The Department of Korean Studies

The Department of Korean Studies, established in 1990, is an influential high-level center for the study of Korean Language and Literature. The Korean curriculum is officially designated as a model program in Liaoning Province and is recognized as an outstanding specialist program at national level as well. The department offers undergraduate and MA programs and provides exceptional resources for students through the Korean Research Institute and Korean Culture Institute which are attached to it. There are two undergraduate programs: a five-year Japanese-Korean bilingual program and a four-year program in Korean Studies. It currently has an enrollment of 594 undergraduate students and ninety-two MA candidates.

There are thirty-two full-time faculty members, six of whom are from South Korea. Among the twenty-six local teachers of Chinese, five are professors, eight associate professors, and twelve MA advisors. Nine are are PhD holders and six are doctoral candidates. The instructors for the Comprehensive Course in Basic Korean were honored for their performance as a team in Liaoning Province.

The department aims at developing the students’ proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills, and familiarizing them with areas such as society, politics, economy, and culture. It aims to cultivate qualified Korean-speaking professionals of competence and integrity who are able to excel in fields such as foreign affairs, international trade, education, management, publishing, and translation. Students have won numerous prizes in national and regional Korean speech contests. The Department of Korean Studies has cooperative ties and exchange programs with fifteen South Korean universities such as Kyung Hee University, Sookmyung Women's University, Sangmyung University and Chung-Ang University.

Website for the Department of Korean Studies:http://kr.dlufl.edu.cn

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