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The School of English Studies

School of English Studies (SES) of Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL) was founded in 1970. Formerly known as the English Department, it obtained its present name in 1996. With its continuous development for more than four decades, SES has become an important teaching and research institution in DUFL, one of the top foreign language universities in China, offering programmes at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels and undertaking research projects at national and local levels.

SES has achieved high national prestige for its effective training of communicative skills in the past 44 years and now it is striving to educate students with good language proficiency, strong communicative skills, wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge, critical thinking skills, high moral standards and an international outlook. The English speciality at SES has won recognition as a key speciality with its own characteristics in China and an exemplary speciality in Liaoning Province, contributing to the recognition of English Language and Literature as a key discipline in Liaoning Province and the top department in 2012 Provincial English Speciality Evaluation. It offers undergraduate programmes, focusing on the English language, English literature, Chinese-English translation, Chinese-English interpretation, and intercultural communication with about 1500 students. In addition, it offers MA programmes on English literature, theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, translation studies, and cultural studies with about 300 postgraduates. With a solid foundation of the programme for English language and literature and a renowned English faculty, SES has been authorised by Ministry of Education to recruit students of translation and interpretation since 2010.
SES has a faculty of 12 professors, 25 associate professors, 17 lecturers and a number of foreign experts, one of the strongest teams in China. Among the staff members are honour holders of awards like the National Teaching Award, Provincial Teaching Award, Model Teacher of Liaoning Province, Excellent Teacher of Liaoning Province, Excellent Researcher of Liaoning Province, Excellent Expert of Dalian, Model Worker of Dalian, Excellent Teacher of Dalian, and Leading Researcher of Dalian. Most of the department’s staff members have overseas academic experience. The faculty has developed five courses honored as “Quality Core Courses of Liaoning Province” and three more courses as “Key Courses of DUFL”. The faculty has published dozens of monographs, more than 100 course books and translated works, and over 300 papers in academic journals.

SES students stand out among the students of the 994 English departments in Chinese tertiary institutions. They have been among the best in TEM-4 and TEM-8, national English proficiency tests for the 2nd year and 4th year English majors and they have excelled in the national and regional English contests such as the CCTV Cup National English Speech Contest, the national English Debate Contest, Interpretation Contest across the Taiwan Straits, Han Suyin National Translation Contest, the 21st Century National English Speech Contest, and the 21st century National English Writing Contest. They also constantly provide excellent voluntary service for important events such as the Paralympics in Beijing in 2008, the Davos Conference, and the Dalian International Fashion Festival.

SES is strengthening its international links through joint programmes with tertiary institutions in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The programmes follow the 2+2, 2+1+1, 3+2, 3+1+1, and 3+2+1 models at the undergraduate level and the 1+1+1 and 1+2 models at postgraduate level. There are also visiting scholar programmes with partner institutions.

The excellent graduates also make SES one of the most esteemed institutions in China. Graduates from SES are favoured by institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, national organisations, educational institutions, and international corporations. Over the past four decades, more than seven thousand students have finished their studies at SES, making vital contributions to the development of the country and understanding between nations of the world.

Website of the school of English Studies: http://en.dlufl.edu.cn/

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