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The International Exchange Office (IEO) is the administrative division for foreign affairs at Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL). Under the leadership of DUFL management, the primary task of IEO is to formulate rules and regulations for the administration of foreign affairs and to manage and assist in the activities of schools and departments involved in work related to this area, such as the coordination of events, the implementation of procedures regarding short-term work-related visits abroad for DUFL faculty and staff, and the provision of assistance to the various faculties in the recruitment of foreign teachers and experts for long-term employment or short-term visits. It oversees the development of international cooperation and communication, and administers international exchange programs, aspects of which include the planning of these programs, the drafting of agreements, and the provision of ongoing services. It also assists in the selection and recommendation of candidates for scholarships from the Ministry of Education for overseas study, and is responsible for the training of visiting scholars, among other related functions.

Website for International Exchanges Office:http://ieo.dlufl.edu.cn/

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